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Who is #LARA?

A double slit dress by AVA CASHMERE

Kathrin Rotter is a multi-tasking girl, proud mom of a boy and a businesswoman. For our street-style shooting she is wearing #LARA with a black oversized coat and black boots.



Kathrin, who is #IVANA?

Let’s start November with a very special AVA CASHMERE piece: #IVANA

This dress is made of 100% Cashmere from the best spinners in Italy and is produced in Germany. Clean lines and easy shape will make you look effortless chic in every situation. Dark grey is a must-have essential color, which is modern and edgy yet timeless and classic. This piece is a chameleon dress – you will always discover a new way to wear it.


Blogger Marie Danker about AVA CASHMERE

In a world where it’s all sustainable fabrics and eco-friendliness and where people are willing to spend more money on clothing again this brand has it’s fingers right on the pulse.