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#thescarf_XL 100% CASHMERE

€ 275,00 € 219,00

• dark grey • Cashmere Scarf by AVA Cashmere • basic but luxurious and unique piece in your wardrobe •

100% finest italian Cashmere / Designed in Vienna / Made in Germany / XL / 220cm x 60cm / dark grey


How to care:

1. AVA CASHMERE pieces are easy to take care of and will actually become softer over time after washing.

2. The pieces should be washed using delicate cycle of the washing machine. Probably the cycle will be named „delicate“, or your machine may offer you other cycles such as: silk, wool or lingerie.. Choose the shortest spin cycle available.

3. AVA CASHMERE pieces are preferred to be washed in cold water. At no time should the water temperature be higher than 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30°C).

4. Lay it flat on a towel to dry.

5. The tiny balls of fluff that build up over time is actually the cashmere fibers naturally shedding and not a sign of bad quality. Sometimes all you need is just a cashmere comb, but after time the pilling will reduce greatly and your AVA CASHMERE piece will look flawless for longer!

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