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Womom – we would describe this label as a brand which products are designed by superwomen for superwomen! After following them for quite some time on instagram, we decided that they will be perfect for our store & you (our lovely clients). Keep on reading to find out more about the gorgeous superwomen behind the brand, their message and why we are crazy in love.

Womom was founded by three, amazing women! They are all moms and truly believe that there should be no separation between normal and maternity clothes. And we, at AVA’s Cabinet support this idea 100%! #girlpower <3

‘Being a mom doesn’t mean you are not a women anymore. […] We want every woman in every situation of life to feel  great, just the way we are. You´re not less or more a woman because of having kids or not.
Love yourself, stay true to yourself and don ́t let anybody categorise you.We all are strong, fierce, soft and feminine  – always.’  

Its easy to see, that we adore this brand, their idea and the women behind! At our store you can find many of their T-shirts, sweaters, postcards & a super cute bag! In our opinion the most amazing thing is, that the pieces they made are simple and comfy but still have a strong message.

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