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Another big trend, which is haunting us since 2016, is the single earring trend. It all started with asymmetrical earrings, where they have different shapes, colors, lengths et cetera. And soon this trend developed to the single earringtrend. This trend seems to look super cool on every runway or worn by gorgeous superwomen like Emma Watson, but we always had the feeling that this trend is not made to be worn in real life…
…however we have to admit that we were wrong (and us bei
g wrong, happens only once in a lifetime ;)). After
our favorite jewelry brand ANNA+NINA presented their single earrings we went crazy and fell in love. These earrings seem to be super easy to style and definitely won’t make the person opposite you question whether or not you have forgot to put on your second earring. We already mentioned in a previous post that most ANNA+NINA products are silver or gold pleated silver, which makes them not only super stylish but also a lifetime investment.

Check out the pictures down below to see how the single earring trend is taking over the fashion world and to fall in love with the single earrings by ANNA+NINA. But before that we want to give you four tips on how to wear your single earring:

  1. make sure you make your earring visible: you can either tie your hair together or put your hair behind your ears.
  2. wear them with confidence: a smile is the best thing you can wear – it not only makes you look super sweet & super sexy but also shows the people around you that everything about your outfit and jewelry choice is right.
  3. if you still have a strange feeling about wearing just one earring, try to balance it out by wearing a stud earring on the other side.
  4. have fun: this trend will make you stand out, no matter what! So make sure you have fun with it – put on some red lipstick and make everyone see that you are ready to conquer the world

And now, some inspirations and ANNA+NINA single earrings, which you can buy in store or online!

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